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Aloha Pure Kush Marijuana

Aloha is a flavorful and energizing strain that has roots in Hawaii, the 50th state. Aloha’s genetics are unknown, however, it could be descended from tough Hawaiian landrace Sativa strains. This well-liked flower is well-known for bringing about widespread energy and an alert, thoughtful mindset; its delicious, almost tropical flavor is just the cherry on top. THC levels for Aloha have been found to range from 15% to 18%.

With medium-sized flowers that stick together in an almost spherical configuration, Aloha distinguishes itself. These blooms feature loose, fluffy leaves that curl out around the edges, despite being tightly packed at the center. The actual leaves are an intense, yellowish green.

The Aloha bud is further distinguished by its distinctive and striking red pistils, which contrast sharply with the leaves. Finally, these already bright blossoms are covered in a carpet of hazy white trichomes, which make them extremely sticky to the touch.

Pure AlohaSkywalker Kush

Aloha emits powerful citrus aromas that are sweeter than acidic or tart when it has been properly cured. When examined closely, this delicious smell has a tropical edge that is nearly grapefruit or pineapple-like. Aloha’s ragged-looking blossoms release a herbal aroma that is slightly evocative of Haze once they are ground up or dissected. When smoked in a pipe or a joint, Aloha produces a very smooth and delicious smoke. On exhalation, this smoke has a mouth-wateringly sweet and citrus flavor.

Given its all-Sativa composition, Aloha unusually kicks in immediately. Users may experience an immediate aching behind the eyes or around the temples after enjoying its candy-like smoke.

This peculiar physical experience was quickly matched with psychological ploys; some sights or sounds may be dramatically enhanced and take on new dimensions, while many smokers describe a strong sense of time dilation.

After getting used to the texture of this high, users can appreciate Aloha’s buzzy head high. Thoughts and ideas may pass through the user’s head, whether they are generated by random association or just appear out of thin air. This analytical frame of mind can also be an effective technique to initiate conversation and comradery with both friends and complete strangers.

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