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Buy Apollo 99 Marijuana Strain – The powerful hybrid cannabis strain Apollo 99 Marijuana has significant cerebral effects that may make your head feel as though it is landing on the moon.

It is a different variety produced by the Brothers Grimm breeders and is a half-sister to the potent Sativa Apollo 13.

To get this upbeat breed, Apollo 99 was crossed with Cinderella 99, which also possesses Genius (a Jack Herer genotype) as a mother.

This Apollo has a very quick flowering time, typically before 8 weeks, like its family members.

Although there is significant variation among plants, they tend to remain shorter and generate a lot of branches and bud sites.

The resinous blooms will smell strongly of citrus and taste like lemon, which will be a little more subdued.

This strain will transport you to another planet for a few hours and is useful for alleviating stress and mild pain.

Buy Apollo 99 Marijuana Strain

The resulting offspring proved exceptional, with robust growth and solid morphology to support the succulent, resinous buds the plant produces.

Apollo 99 Marijuana has a fruity, sweet scent and well-balanced effects that often leave users feeling upbeat and content.

The strain combined the best qualities of both cannabis worlds by having the same percentages of Indica and Sativa.

This marijuana strain is a hybrid of Super Silver Haze, Genius, and Cinderella 99.

You can choose Apollo Haze with confidence if you don’t like intense marijuana. If you have little experience smoking weed strains, the THC content ranges from 16.7% to 18.3%.

It has a CBD content that is almost 1%. Other cannabinoids that contribute to the weed’s therapeutic qualities are also present in it.

Buy Apollo 99 Marijuana 

Exploring the world of buy Apollo 99 marijuana strain unveils a remarkable hybrid known for its balanced effects and unique characteristics. Discover how and where to purchase this strain for an enriching cannabis experience.

Understanding Apollo 99 Marijuana Strain

Buy Apollo 99 marijuana stands out for its harmonious blend of uplifting and relaxing effects, making it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts seeking a balanced high.

Potency and Effects

This strain offers a moderate to high potency, delivering a cerebral high that induces feelings of happiness and relaxation without causing excessive sedation.

Buying Guide

Finding Apollo 99

Buy Apollo 99 Marijuana – Sourcing authentic Apollo 99 strains involves choosing reputable dispensaries or licensed vendors known for their quality products and reliable information.

Factors to Consider When Buying

Buy Apollo 99 Marijuana – Consider aspects such as strain authenticity, quality, reviews, and the reputation of the seller when purchasing Apollo 99.

Cultivation Insights

Growing Apollo 99

Cultivating Apollo 99 demands attention to detail, requiring moderate humidity, warmth, and a sunny environment for optimal growth.

Yield and Harvest

A successful harvest yields dense, resinous buds with a distinct aroma, providing growers with a satisfying yield.

Benefits and Comparisons

Unique Traits

Apollo 99 offers a distinct blend of flavors, often described as earthy with hints of citrus and pine, setting it apart in the cannabis community.

Comparing Apollo 99

In comparison to other strains, Apollo 99’s balanced effects and unique characteristics make it a versatile choice for various experiences.


  • How can I verify the authenticity of Apollo 99 before purchase?
  • Are there any potential side effects associated with Apollo 99?
  • What’s the recommended dosage for first-time users of Apollo 99?
  • Can beginners successfully cultivate Apollo 99?
  • Is Apollo 99 legal in all regions?
  • What sets Apollo 99 apart from other hybrid strains?


In conclusion, the Apollo 99 marijuana strain offers a balanced and enjoyable cannabis experience. From its cultivation nuances to its unique effects, this strain caters to a wide spectrum of preferences within the cannabis community.

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