Buy B3n7 Marijuana Strain is an Indica dominant strain and a combination of a very potent and urban legendary G13 and the award-winning Northern Lights strains. Physically, it has round and proportioned buds with faded blue under white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of B3n7 Marijuana Strain

B3n7 offers attractive flavors of berries, and hash flavor with hints of the peppery and earthy aftertaste. These give off satisfying euphoric, uplifter feelings mixed with ultimate relaxation of mind and body. Users may also feel minor sleepiness while using.

Medical Benefits of B3n7 Marijuana

This strain has abundant medical benefits for humans suffering from different medical conditions. This helps in the relief of pain and is suitable for people with insomnia and stress. This plant is also a best-suited option for people diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

Negative Effects of B3n7

It has common adverse effects on humans when being consumed. Commonly, these are signs of dry mouth and eyes. Users may also expect to manifest slight dizziness and headache.

The heavy body effects of this strain make it an unwise choice for daytime use, as well as for patients
who need to be awake and aware during use. It has very little effect on stress-related illnesses such as
nervous tension and general emotional stress.

Growing B3n7

This strain is excellent for either indoor or outdoor cultivation. It is also suitable for beginner growers because this strain has an easy-to-grow characteristic and can produce an average to above-average harvest depending on farming. However, it is essential to grow this in soil with a proper supply of nutrients from moderate to heavy.

Buy B3n7 Marijuana Strain

B3n7 Marijuana Strain is a strong hybrid strain of medicine with effects that come from both halves of the hybrid.
The body effects are dominant, however, and should be taken into account when using this medicine. Use
B3n7 Marijuana Strain for muscle problems, general physical relaxation, and a variety of eye and headache problems.
Do not use this strain during the day if you need to concentrate fully on your tasks.


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