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Black Domina – aka Dom

Black Domina marijuana is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani. This melting pot of a strain delivers effects that are relaxing and sedating. Black Domina features a spicy pepper aroma and flavor. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with insomnia.

Black Domina: The Progeny of Indica Drug

Rich savory flavors. A hard-hitting physical high. A stealthy structure perfect for small spaces. Black Domina marijuana boasts a long list of attractive traits—and we’ve barely scratched the surface! Breeders created this beauty using classic stoning strains, and it shows. It only takes a couple of puffs to feel her heavy and blissful effects take hold.

Want to smoke Black Domina? Well, you’ll need some stamina. This deeply stoning indica-dominant cultivar lands a heavy body high after just a few hits. If you’re planning on doing anything shortly after blazing these buds, then you’ll need a cup of coffee and a couple of drops of CBD oil to get you off the couch. If you have nothing planned, then let this strain do as she pleases; prepare to melt on the spot.

As the progeny of a legendary lineup of indica superstars, this variety quickly became a go-to evening option for smokers across the world. Have we piqued your curiosity? Then get to know this lady below as we cover every last detail in our Black Domina weed strain review.



  1.  Where did black domina come from?
  2.  Genetic roots: what strains make up black domina?
  3.  The popularity of black domina
  4.  What terpenes are in black domina?
  5.  The aroma and flavour of black domina
  6.  Getting high: the effects of black domina
  7.  Black domina: morphology and growing traits
  8.  Rqs strains that descends from black domina


Where Did Dom Come From?

Strains like Black Domina don’t come about by accident. They require equal parts skill, creativity, and experience. We have the crew over at a famous Dutch seedbank to thank for the creation of this cultivar. Breeders created her back in the 1990s, and she continues to impress to this day. After selecting high-performing phenotypes from four legendary parent strains, they eventually created a stable hybrid that would soon work its way into growing rooms and gardens internationally.

Genetic Roots: What Strains Make Up Black Domina?

So, what varieties did the famous Dutch breeders choose in their quest to introduce a new indica strain to the market? Take a look at the parents used below:

  • Northern Lights: Chances are, you’ve heard this name before. In fact, you’ve probably blazed these buds countless times. Northern Lights deservedly sits upon the pathogen of classic cannabis genetics. Why? Well, her high levels of THC and excellent productivity certainly have something to do with it.
  • Afghani: This hardy landrace spent generations growing in the harsh mountainous regions of Afghanistan before strain hunters introduced her to the Western world. Her hardy nature helps to bolster modern hybrids and make them suitable to grow just about anywhere.
  • Ortega: A direct descendent of Northern Lights, this strain appeared in the mid-1980s as a result of a breeding project carried out by Mr. Drug Seeds. This variety boasts a swift flowering time and a heavy stoning effect.
  • Hash Plant: Originally bred in the Netherlands in the 1980s, Hash Plant soon made its way over to the Northwest US where it became an instant hit. High resin production and an earthy and woody terpene profile make it a prized candidate for the hash-making process.

The Popularity of Black Domina

Where does Black Domina marijuana rank in popularity among the cannabis community? With a huge assortment of productive, powerful, and fruity modern hybrids, this decades-old cultivar has a lot to contend with. However, many smokers and growers still have a deep appreciation for old-school genetics—including Black Domina. These seeds and buds are still a common sight in seed banks and dispensaries.

After quickly gaining traction in Europe and the US for several decades following her release, Black Domina earned even more prestige after achieving first place in the Valencia THC Cup in 2011. This victory cemented her as a go-to variety for experiencing stoning highs and a dank terpene profile.

Aroma and Flavour

All in all, the terpenes detailed above converge to create some seriously savoury flavours in Black Domina. Whether you inhale these flowers through a blunt, bong, joint, or vape, you’ll experience a party on your taste buds. Prepare for intense notes of earthiness, pine, hash, pepper, and spice.

Getting High: The Effects of Black Domina

Black Domina buds clock in with an average THC content of 19%. While relatively low compared to many modern strains, don’t underestimate these flowers. Shortly after inhaling, you’ll feel a heavy and relaxing physical sensation wash across your body. Keep smoking, and you’ll soon find yourself raiding the fridge and nestling into the couch. The deeply stoning effects of Black Domina are best reserved for quiet evenings in, or when out camping under the stars.

Morphology and Growing Traits

Remember, fellow growers, that Black Domina marijuana stems from some of the purest indica genetics around. This means she displays a compact and small structure perfect for small spaces. If you value stealth above all else, then you’ll get on well with this variety. You can grow her off the radar in small tents or converted cupboards indoors, or at your most reliable guerrilla growing location outside. Despite her small size, this lady pumps out massive yields in a short flowering time of only 7–8 weeks; prepare to harvest outdoor plants during the end of September.

RQS Strains That Descends From Dom

We quickly fell in love with Black Domina marijuana here at RQS. Naturally, we decided to harness these genetics to produce a unique hybrid of our own. After crossing Black Domina with the equally stoning Kalijah strain, we soon stabilised Royal Domina. This indica-dominant variety still contains all the best traits of Black Domina, alongside superior levels of THC and fruity flavours.


Black Domina marijuana

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Black Domina x Kalijah
525 – 575 gr/m2
90 – 130 cm
9 – 10 weeks
THC: 20%
Sativa 15% Indica 85%
550 – 600 gr/plant
140 – 180 cm
Early October
Calming, Stoned


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