Blue Dream Feminized Seeds


Blue Dream feminized is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain derived from the cross between a Blueberry and a Super Silver Haze. It has High Height Tall (100/200 cm – 39″/79″) Yield High (±550 gr/m² – ±19 oz/11ft²) Flowering period of 60 days, Climate: Sunny / mediterranean Good for Indoor, Medical. It is perfect to ease muscle pain and to cure insomnia.


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Blue Dream feminized seeds

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds grows like a sativa plant stretching tall with a thinner stem and widely spaced growth nodes. These Seeds take more time to develop in flower. And uses that time to pack on a higher percentage of terpenes than her more indica sisters. Growers looking to tease out a high percentage of CBD ( from 15%-25%) and strong unique terpene profiles. In an indoor controlled environment will love working with this newly released strain. Watch near the end of her flowering cycle and you’ll notice the small fluffy flowers indicative of her sativa genetics. Will fill in densely showing off the valuable contribution from her indica side.

If you’re searching for a cannabis strain that beautifully combines the characteristics of both Sativa and indica plants, look no further than Feminized CBD Blue Dream marijuana. This exceptional strain is known for its Sativa-like growth structure, tall stature, slender stems, and widely spaced growth nodes. With an extended flowering period, Feminized CBD Blue Dream takes time to develop, allowing for the accumulation of a higher percentage of terpenes compared to its more indica-dominant counterparts.

The Standout Features

One of the standout features of Feminized CBD Blue Dream is its ability to produce a high percentage of CBD, ranging from 15% to 25%. This makes it an excellent choice for growers interested in cultivating CBD-rich strains. This newly released strain thrives in a controlled indoor environment, allowing growers to meticulously fine-tune the growing conditions and optimize the plant’s unique terpene profiles.

The Transformation of Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

A remarkable transformation occurs as the Feminized CBD Blue Dream reaches the later stages of its flowering cycle. Initially, the small and fluffy flowers, indicative of its sativa genetics, gradually fill in, displaying the influence of its indica lineage. This combination of Sativa and indica characteristics results in densely packed, valuable flowers that showcase the best of both worlds. It is worth noting that the information provided is solely intended to describe the attributes and growth patterns of the Feminized CBD Blue Dream. No health claims or benefits are being made regarding this strain. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before considering using any cannabis product.

The Growth Patterns of Feminized CBD Blue Dream

Blue Dream is renowned for its growth patterns that closely resemble sativa plants. This feminized strain is tall, with a thinner stem and widely spaced growth nodes. It stretches towards the sky as it grows, showcasing its sativa heritage. These characteristics make Feminized CBD Blue Dream an appealing choice for growers looking for a strain that embodies the classic sativa growth structure.

Terpene Enrichment During Flower Development

One distinguishing feature of Feminized CBD Blue Dream is its ability to pack a higher percentage of terpenes than its more indica-dominant counterparts. This strain takes time to develop during the flowering stage, utilizing the extended period to accumulate a rich assortment of terpenes. These aromatic compounds contribute to the unique flavor and aroma profiles associated with Blue Dream, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

CBD-Rich and Terpene-Profiled Delight

For indoor growers seeking a high percentage of CBD and distinct terpene profiles. Feminized CBD Blue Dream is an exciting addition to their cultivation endeavors. This newly released strain offers the opportunity to create an optimal growing environment. Ensuring the development of a plant that showcases both desired traits. By carefully controlling various environmental factors, such as lighting, temperature, and humidity. Growers can coax out the strain’s full potential, resulting in a CBD-rich harvest with an exceptional terpene profile.

Unveiling the Indica Contribution

As the flowering cycle of Feminized CBD Blue Dream nears its end, growers will witness a captivating transformation. The small and fluffy flowers that exemplify its sativa genetics begin to fill in densely. Reflecting the valuable contribution from its indica lineage. This intriguing combination of Sativa and indica characteristics produces buds with the desired sativa characteristics and the compact density associated with indica strains. The result is a visually stunning display of cannabis flowers that embodies the best of both worlds.

Embrace the Possibilities

Feminized CBD Blue Dream represents the perfect union of sativa and indica genetics, offering growers a unique cultivation experience. With its tall stature, slender stems, and widely spaced growth nodes, this strain captures the essence of sativa growth patterns. Simultaneously, its extended flowering period allows for accumulating more terpenes, enhancing its aromatic profile. If you’re searching for a strain with high CBD content and distinctive terpene profiles, Feminized CBD Blue Dream is the ideal choice. Embrace this newly released strain and embark on a journey celebrating the harmonious blending of sativa and indica genetics.

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