Buy Dixie Dew Drop. Our Watermelon is a pleasant spin on a crisp, traditional flavor. They include pure, extracted THC and come with a dropper that is clearly labeled to ensure proper dosage. It seems as though we condensed the flavor and attitude of summer into a single bottle.

Low glycemic index solution for THC administration that is discrete. Packed with a dropper that is marked to ensure proper dosage.

Buy Dixie Dew Drops are triple lab tested for consistency and quality. Apply Dew Drops beneath your tongue and hold them there for 60 seconds for the quickest absorption.

Innovative, secure, efficient, and delicious cannabis products may be found at Dixie. We take pride in offering our consumers items that have been triple-lab tested and contain only pure extracted THC. Each of our products, which range from tinctures and truffles to balms and bath soaks, provides superior, dependable, consistent results.

Buy Dixie Dew Drop

A refreshing take on a crisp, classic flavor, our Watermelon Dew Drops are infused with pure, extracted THC and accompanied by a demarked dropper for accurate dosing. It’s like we squeezed both the flavor and mindset of summertime into a single bottle.

– Discreet option for THC administration with a low glycemic index
– Packaged with a demarked dropper for accurate dosing
– For the fastest absorption, apply Dew Drops under your tongue and hold them there for 60 seconds
– Buy Dixie Dew Drop are triple lab tested for consistency and quality

SYNERGY Vanilla Dew Drops by Dixie Elixirs – a sweet vanilla flavor combined with pure THC and CBD. Synergy is a lot more than a buzzword.
It’s what makes a whole greater than the sum of its parts. And it’s what gives our Synergy Dew Drops their powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects.
You see, we formulate all of our Synergy products with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD (the cannabinoid most commonly associated with the medical benefits of marijuana). So you get a milder high with noticeable health benefits.


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