What is Silver Haze Strain?

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Silver Haze, otherwise known as Haze, is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It’s created by crossing Haze and
OG Kush. The buds look like frosted pine cones, with a large amount of crystals covering the light green
interior. The scent is like lemon crossed with pepper and pine. The taste is strong and very hashy.

Silver Haze Marijuana Effects

Buy Silver Haze Strain comes on strong with a distinct euphoric effect, making the user uplifted but lazy and sleepy
at the same time. You’ll want to do things but won’t have the ambition to go through with your plans. This
strain is perfect for anti-inflammation and has supreme relaxation effects. This medication is not very
strong, so novice patients can use it without worrying about having too heavy an effect on the first

Buy Silver Haze Strain Medical Marijuana Uses

Patients use OG Kush for insomnia with great success. The relaxing feeling you get when you use this
strain makes it ideal for stress-related problems such as nervous tension. Use this medication
especially for arthritis and strained muscles, as it relieves pain as well as swollen joints. This strain is
also very good for migraine headaches and sinus headaches.


Many patients report dry mouth and dry eyes when using this strain. Some people feel
dizziness and anxiety when using it in larger doses. While most people find relief from headaches, a
small number get headaches when using this medication. Do not use this strain when you have
appointments or need to be awake and aware of small details.


Buy Silver Haze Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is very good for insomnia, and most stress-related
concerns and insomnia. While it won’t make you extremely sleepy. it does have a very strong laziness
factor, making this strain a poor choice for workday medication.

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