Durban Poison Marijuana Strain


Durban Poison Marijuana Strain 1/2 ounce

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What is Durban Poison?

 Durban Poison marijuana strain is an outright Sativa that is named after the South African seaside city known as

Durban. Durban is where thousands of ounces of this dark, completely distinctive, and ultimately unique
strain are produced every year. Patients everywhere know that Durban Poison is certainly a Sativa
strain that is like no other and is capable of leaving your body behind while your head takes a journey
into outer space. With a pungency similar to vanilla and floral undertones, Durban Poison is just beautiful
all-around without having to do anything but stay in your jar or become rolled up into some smoke-worthy

Durban Poison Marijuana Strain Effects:

Let me first start off by saying that Durban Poison is another medical marijuana strain that can be
truthfully classified as a creeper. After five to ten minutes of initially smoking this strain, you don’t really
feel many effects except for maybe a slight cloud of your head. After those, five to ten minutes have
passed, that when you start to develop a very familiar Sativa-based cerebral buzz that causes an
immense amount of spiciness.
Once it creeps up on you in the final stage, that initial spaciness is
completely wiped out and you are placed in an outer limits type of buzz. Please note that this is nothing
you won’t be able to handle, but it will have you feeling very vibrant and uplifted.

Durban Poison Uses:

Durban Poison is a great strain for those who suffer from conditions such as severe stress and anxiety,
chronic or debilitating pain, and depression. In certain cases, patients who have suffered from migraines
have also reported that they have experienced alleviation from this symptom. Although these conditions
have been reported as having been reduced or alleviated with Durban Poison, please note that these
conditions are not the only ones that are treated by this strain.

Durban Poison Cons:

The only reported downsides with this particular strain are two of the most commonly reported as well
as minute cons, dry eyes, and dry mouth. Each and every patient is different, so please note that side
effects solely depend upon the patient and the patient’s setting.
Overall, personally speaking, at least, Durban Poison is one of the best medical marijuana strains that I
have ever come across. An ideal strain for listening to music, enjoying nature, or just vibing on
some personal downtime. It is great for alleviating nausea and stress but is not that great for pain
control. This is a very solid and uplifting type of marijuana that is ideal for use as a daytime medication

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1/2 ounce


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