Ways to Use Marijuana for Back Pain

Indica strain of marijuana | For Back Pain – Marijuana can be used topically or internally. Some of the best methods of using marijuana are as follows:

  • Inhalation: This method is smoking or vaping the weed. This produces the fastest effect, within 1-2 minutes

  • Raw juice: One can use marijuana as a dietary supplement through juicing. This will reduce the pain without a psychoactive effect.

  • Tinctures:¬†Tinctures are usually placed under the tongue and swallowed. This produces a quicker result, due to absorption through the mucosal membranes.

  • Edibles:¬†Edible marijuana will produce a slower response because absorption needs to transfer through the gut. But, it may last longer in terms of relief and produce a better psychotropic effect. Relief may take up to an hour before one feels the effect.

  • Topicals: Topical marijuana produces a different effect. Absorption is localized to the site of the injury. One can ramp up the use based on the desired effect.

Statistics on back pain
The American Chiropractic Association claims:

Around 31,000,000 Americans, British, Germans, and Swedes experience lower back discomfort at any given moment.

Half of all Americans who work experience back pain symptoms every year.

Back pain affects 80% of Americans at some point in their lives.

According to the Bone and Joint Initiative:

In the United States, the annual cost of missed productivity and back pain treatment is over $253 billion.

Back and neck discomfort accounts for about 10% of all visits to hospitals and emergency departments.

These back pain statistics highlight the prevalence of spinal injuries as well as their effects on both individuals and society at large. At some point in their lives, 60 to 70 percent of people in industrialized nations will have back discomfort.

Among the causes of back discomfort are:

straightforward strain or pain


damaged disc



swollen disc


Indica strain of marijuana | For Back Pain – Medications including anti-inflammatories, painkillers for nerve pain, and addictive drugs like opioids, antidepressants, and injectable therapy are common therapies for these diseases.

Patients occasionally require surgery, which can lead to issues down the road. These days, a lot of people use medicinal marijuana to cure their back pain.

How Indica Strain Works as a Back Pain Treatment

Traditional medical therapies may not be as effective as medical cannabis. Patients with chronic back pain are increasingly choosing it as their treatment of choice.

For instance, a wide range of side effects, including nausea, stomach upset, ulcers, and gastric bleeding, can be brought on by conventional medications.

There are different side effects linked with medical marijuana. The following are some methods for using medical marijuana to relieve back pain:

It might make your pain manageable enough for you to lead an active life.

You might be able to avoid using potentially harmful and addictive pharmaceuticals and live a more fulfilling life as a result.

Anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression are all symptoms of chronic back pain. Several of these symptoms can be eliminated or reduced by medical marijuana.

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