Sparkling Red Currant



Sparkling Red Currant

The brilliant red alien berries of the red currant, which have historically been used to alleviate digestive problems, give the effervescent beverage BestDrugShoponline’s Sparkling Red Currant a tart zing.

Buy Sparkling Red Currant is based on the review of this product line by, THC-Infused Medicated Drinks by Best Drug Shop Online represent the next development in medical marijuana-infused drinks. The variety of THC-infused medicinal beverages impressed me much. The Best Drug Shop Online collection of THC beverages has 10 distinct tastes to pick from and will satisfy you completely.

The decision of Best Drug Shop Online to create a beverage to meet the demands of some medical marijuana patients strikes me as being very unusual. You’ll see that the beverages are not just a collection of flavors; rather, they give choices based on health and with the patients in mind.

I am obsessed with fresh currants and probably more so because of how hard they are to find. In New York I typically find them in the winter at specialty gourmet stores but sometimes larger farmer’s markets will have them. One thing is sure and that’s that, if I see them, I’m buying them.


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The flavor is both sweet and tart which makes them great for chocolate pairings, cocktails and marijuana strain. In fact, I can usually find dried currants and red currant jam year round but it’s the fresh berries marijuana I love the most.

Instead of the typical cranberry juice that goes into THC-infused cocktails, I made a fresh red currant syrup to use instead. The flavor is more intense and with a stronger sweet and sour punch than cranberry juice. It’s great as it is with the traditional vodka, lime juice and orange liqueur. But the stronger flavor of the currants also left room for some bubbles. You can use either champagne or sparkling wine to add the bubbly and then toast to your sweetie for Valentine’s Day or just to the weekend. Cheers!


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